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Jim and Jamie Dutcher - Living with Wolves - Present at The Community Library


For centuries, wolves have been characterized as bloodthirsty beasts, creatures of nightmares. Determined to overcome this misconception, filmmakers Jim and Jamie Dutcher spent years in a tented camp in the mountains of Idaho, living with a pack of wolves, witnessing their strong social bonds, intelligence and curiousity.

Join the Dutchers on Thursday, December 10th at 6 PM in our Community Library lecture room as they reveal the innermost and surprising details of life in the pack. A short Q&A session will follow this new National Geographic Live! Presentation.

The Dutchers’ will also share their recently released children’s book, A Friend for Lakota The Incredible True Story of a Wolf Who Braved Bullying. They will be signing copies that will be available for purchase through Iconoclast Books that evening.  

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Pam Houston -- Signed books still available!



Pam Houston’s latest takes us from one breathtaking precipice to the next as we unravel the story of Pam (a character not unlike the author), a fearless traveler aiming to leave her metaphorical baggage behind as she seeks a comfort zone in the air. With the help of a loyal cast of friends, body workers, and a new partner who inspires her to appreciate home, she finally finds something like ground under her feet.



Chris Crowley -- Signed books still available!



Flying in the face of our quick-fix culture, the New York Times bestselling Younger Next Year and its sequel, Younger Next Year for Women, crossed the 1,000,000-copy milestone by essentially telling readers to work out six days a week. Forever. This same honest, no shortcuts approach is woven into the DNA of Thinner This Year.

Presented by the Wood River YMCA.



Richard Rodriguez



Richard is a contributing editor at New America Media in San Francisco. He writes regularly for several newspapers and magazines, both in the United States and in England. He has also written an autobiographical trilogy on class, ethnicity and race: Hunger of Memory, Days of Obligation: An Argument With My Mexican Father, and Brown: The Last Discovery of America. Rodriguez received a 1997 George Foster Peabody Award for his NewsHour essays on American life. His other awards include the Frankel Medal from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the International Journalism Award from the World Affairs Council of California. He has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in non-fiction; and the National Book Critics' Award.

Presented by the Sun Valley Center for the Arts in collaboration with their exhibition, Signs, Symbols, Self: Ethnicity and Identity.



Susanna Sonnenberg



A ruthless and illuminating exploration of the friendships that dominated, influenced, nourished, inspired, haunted—and sometimes tore her apart—Susanna Sonnenberg has written a book as searing and superb as her first book about her mother, Her Last Death. Childhood friendships, friendships with older women, friendships that play out with the passion and intensity of love affairs, the friendships between new mothers—each has its own subtleties, its own lessons that Sonnenberg examines and understands with astounding acuity. Sonnenberg’s style is investigative and ruminative; the result is candid and fearlessly observed portraits of the nuances and complexities of friendships that become universally recognizable. For women of all ages, She Matters is testimony to the emotional significance of the sometimes intense and powerful bonds of female friendships—and their essential role they play in our journey to adulthood, and our deepening humanity.



Jamie Lee Curtis


The tenth children's book by the #1 "New York Times" bestselling team of Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell celebrates the extraordinary, everyday bravery of trying new things for the very first time. Whether Frankie's learning to ride a bike, love her first dog, make new friends (her very first twins), or help out her dad, she discovers that trying new things is how she grows--and that being brave enough to do so is what growing up is all about.