British Shorthair Cat: From bringing your kitten home to comforting your senior age beloved companion (Paperback)

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What reviewers are saying:

"Brilliant, most helpful & informative; must read before considering buying a cat - I have always believed in the quote "education is power" but this book made me reinforce my feeling about it. Reading this book raised my awareness and helped me make a conscious and careful choice/decision.

The book guides you from what questions to ask the breeder, to what cat personality is suitable for your family (it even takes the age of your children into account to help you find the right cat ); it covers a variety of topics, from how to take care of your new pet cat to how to train them and how to communicate with them. It also explains why it is not wise to buy a cat from a pet shop and provides suggestions on where to buy your cat from. Although it is focused on the British, most of the advice would apply to any breed.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is considering buying a pet cat. In fact, I believe it is the equivalent of leading books on expecting a new baby; if you are a mum like me, I bet you were using one of these popular books to guide you through pregnancy and then through the chaos of the first few weeks of your new baby. Well this book will offer you the same reassurance and guidance before and after the arrival of your new pet cat .", P. M. Kleniati - UK

"Must have for any cats guardian - I thought I knew a lot about cats but in every chapter three is something new I learn. Book full of useful information.", A. Kubek - US

"Excellent British shorthair reference - I bought this book as I have adopted a lovely british shorthair kitten and needed a reference for the breed. It was a bit of a gamble, but now I can honestly say it is the most complete and comprehensive cat book I've ever bought and it gave me all the information I needed. I found the guidance on how to welcome my kitten at home and spend the first weeks together especially useful, but the best thing is that it gives me guidance for all life stages of my cat. I am so happy I can now read this book instead of having to crawl through the internet to find some help. No question, I am giving 5 stars ", Dimitris A - UK

"That's what you need for you and your kittie - I picked this book from a library and I found it a really enjoyable and easy read that gave me insights on how my kittie sees me and interprets my actions. It is really fantastic that this book improved my relationship with my kittie.", Maxwell - UK

Just a few of the things you will learn:
- How to kitten proof your home and back yard eliminating all possible sources of danger
- What to do during the first day your kitten is home
- How to get your kitten settled into their new routine during the first weeks
- How to start bonding with your BSH

- How to potty train or toilet train your kitten
- Training regimes for British Shorthairs: clicker training, leash training, toilet and crate training
- What are the main health concerns and allergies for British Shorthairs
- What are the best choices in the market for cat litter and flea preparation & prevention products
- How to socialise a BSH with other cats and humans

- What is the best feeding schedule depending on age
- How to choose the right food for your British Shorthair
- Healthy treat choices, different diets and bowl types
- How to travel safely with your cat

- How to choose a reputable vet

Get the Complete British Shorthair Guide now to understand what your cat thinks, feels and needs, and live a harmonic and happy life together

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ISBN: 9781999913571
ISBN-10: 1999913574
Publisher: Worldwide Information Publishing
Publication Date: May 30th, 2018
Pages: 186
Language: English