Her Hockey Studs: Steamy Reverse Harem Romance (Paperback)

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A sexy hockey player seduces me out of my safety zone, up to his hotel room. Imagine my surprise when his teammate-fresh from the shower-turns up the heat

Sometimes, a girl just really needs a good, hard puck...

When a professional hockey player-Russian by birth, sexy by the grace of God-propositions me during my first and only foray into liberated sex with a stranger, I allow myself to be seduced with heavily accented words and devastating kisses, right up to Rurik's hotel room. Where his focused attentions quickly melt my natural inhibitions.

But then his roommate emerges fresh from the shower. Hold up-two men? I might have considered celebrating with one, but both?

And sometimes, one puck just isn't enough...

When the fun's over and I try to leave, they won't let me. Not alone.

Hiding out in the luxurious bathroom after the most spectacular sex of my life, I listen to the two men argue over who will take me home. What's up with this? I'd been blazingly happy with my single night of sexy sin, never expecting anything more. No expectations means no chance for heartache, right? So why am I letting Jeff seduce me all over again? With kisses and conversations and promises of another night, another friend, the next time his team's in town...

64,000 words - Fun and Sexy - Reverse Harem - Sex with Strangers.

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ISBN: 9781949426090
ISBN-10: 1949426092
Publisher: Literary Madness
Publication Date: May 20th, 2021
Pages: 296
Language: English