Diy Homemade Healthy Living Projects: This Book Includes: Homemade Medical Face Mask And Homemade Hand Sanitizer. Everything You Need To Know About Ha (Hardcover)

Diy Homemade Healthy Living Projects: This Book Includes: Homemade Medical Face Mask And Homemade Hand Sanitizer. Everything You Need To Know About Ha Cover Image
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Are you looking for an effective remedy to prevent the spread of infections and ensures health by just washing your hands properly? Are you looking for ways to protect yourself against viruses? Are you looking for alternative face masks for when you have to go out or go on a business trip?

Despite the scarcity of sanitizers in stores during a health crisis, there is good news. The good news is that homemade production requires only three ingredients. This book shows how to produce sanitizers at home. Homemade production also helps to save money and make truly green products, such as benefiting both households and the overall environment.

This book teaches how to easily make a hand sanitizer with ingredients that are already available at home. These products are just as effective as commercial ones, with even some more benefits and fewer side effects.

DIY homemade sanitizers are very effective in curbing and fighting the spread of various infections by viruses, germs, and bacteria that could bring diseases after infections.

This book covers:

  • List of Alcohols with Disinfectant Properties
  • How To Make Hand Sanitizer and Home Disinfectant with Essential Oils
  • Sanitizer Recipes
  • How Hand Sanitizer Works
  • The Differences Between Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Sanitizing
  • Hand Sanitizer and Anti-Bacterial Wipes

And much more..

In this book, you will also find instructions for creating different face masks on your own. Whether you like to sew, or prefer to engage in creative origami folding, this book gives the exact information and instructions you need.

This book covers the following topics:

  • Overview of medical masks
  • Steps on cutting the fabric
  • Step by step tutorial to make your mask
  • Analyzing and comparing homemade materials and masks
  • How to wear the mask correctly
  • How to make an effective face mask?
  • Use and reuse of medical masks
  • For emergencies, what we should do?
  • Top 5 DIY alternative face masks
  • Homemade face shield and improvised gas mask

...and much more..

You probably have many questions surrounding DIY protective face masks. Are they effective? Are they safe to use? What can you expect when making your masks, and how to handle them? We'll answer the most important questions revolving around homemade protective face masks.

You'll learn how and to what degree they're effective in protecting against infections, and what are their advantages and shortcomings.

As it turns out, it's not enough to simply cover your face with cloth fabric when going out. To truly protect yourself against viral infection, you will need to know how to choose the best materials and sew them together so that they create a truly effective mask. Within a sea of information and ideas for making one's own mask, facts often mix with fiction, and misinformation can cause false security.

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