Marine Fishes (Paperback)

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Like a field guide to marine aquarium fishes, this first PocketExpert(TM) Guide offers a quick but authoritative reference for identifying, buying, and keeping more than 500 popular saltwater species. Designed by a team of marine enthusiasts and aquarium professionals, this information-packed handbook covers all of the fishes most often seen by hobbyists. "One species per page" listing offers concise, clear advice and data on: scientific and common names, maximum length, range, minimum aquarium size, foods and feeding, aquarium suitability, reef aquarium compatibility, behavior, and captive care advice. Included are all 29 major families and groups of marine aquarium fishes, ranging from angelfishes, butterflyfishes, and cardinalfishes to surgeonfishes, triggerfishes, and wrasses.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781890087388
ISBN-10: 1890087386
Publisher: Tfh Publications, Inc.
Publication Date: September 1st, 2003
Pages: 448
Language: English
Series: Pocketexpert Guide Series for Aquarists and Underwater Naturalists