Homemade Beauty Products: This Book Includes: Skin Care Face Masks and Soap Making Recipes. The Ultimate Guide for Natural and Organic Homemade (Hardcover)

Homemade Beauty Products: This Book Includes: Skin Care Face Masks and Soap Making Recipes. The Ultimate Guide for Natural and Organic Homemade Cover Image
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Do you want to know the powerful health benefits of using homemade beauty products? Do you want to stop exposing your skin to the chemicals present in commercialized creams & soaps? Then keep reading...

Have you ever felt "clean" but at the same time your skin felt uncomfortable, itchy, and lacking moisture? It's all because of the unnatural components of the "soap" that are stripping your skin of its natural oils.

Every day we use the word "Skincare", but are you really using it as it is intended? Caring for your skin takes more than just applying multiple layers of products. It's not "care" when you are putting harmful chemicals on your skin. I am sure that most of the consumers are just unaware of the dangers or even the existence of these components and you could be one of them. You can still change that

The goal of this Bundle is exactly this: to show you how easy is to avoid all those unhealthy and industrial chemicals and produce your own products at home

In Book 1, Skin Care Recipes, you will learn about:

  • The anatomy of the skin, the different layers that compose it and everything that you need to know before preparing natural products for it
  • How to easily produce the best DIY Skincare Products for any type of skin, with simple and effective recipes to follow step by step
  • More than 100 Organic Recipes including:
  • -Facial Skincare & Cream recipes
  • -Body Butter & Lotion recipes
  • -Herbal Salve recipes
  • -Shower Gel recipes
  • -Hair Care recipes
  • -Makeup recipes
  • What is Bath Therapy and how to produce at home all the needed products for it
  • And Much More

In Book 2, Soap Making Recipes, you will learn about:

  • The equipment you need for making your own soap
  • The Basic Techniques and Ingredient to produce your homemade soap
  • How to Wrap and Preserve Your Soap
  • More than 30 recipes to start Making Your Own Soap
  • The Cold & Hot Process Techniques
  • Decorative Techniques (Natural Additives, Colorants & Scents)
  • Troubleshooting and Common Mistakes in Soap Making
  • Tips and Safety Reminders on Making Soaps at Home
  • Soap Making as A Business Opportunity
  • Special and Seasonal Soap Recipes
  • And Much More

The golden rule to remember here is that anything that comes into contact with your skin, or anything that you inhale, will eventually enter your blood stream. If you wouldn't feel comfortable eating it, then don't rub it on your body or spread it around your house

Where most books only give a superficial overview of the skincare recipes and soap making techniques, Homemade Beauty Products goes deeper by showing all the secrets behind the preparation and provides additional recipes starting from face-skin-care-homemade products, body-make-up-hair care recipes, until organic bath lotions with all kind of homemade soap during all seasons.

That's why this 2-in-1 bundle is the perfect guide to a healthier lifestyle for you and it is exactly what you were looking for

If you are ready to take the path to becoming kinder to the environment, your wallet and most importantly, yourself, then click the BUY NOW button and start your journey to healthy skin Change the way you live life

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ISBN: 9781801477567
ISBN-10: 1801477566
Publisher: Charlie Creative Lab Ltd Publisher
Publication Date: December 15th, 2020
Pages: 362
Language: English