Make it Clean & Easy: Your Guide to Skincare, Body-care and Castile Soap from Scratch (Hardcover)

Make it Clean & Easy: Your Guide to Skincare, Body-care and Castile Soap from Scratch Cover Image
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This book is packed with over 100 formerly secret recipes to formulate your clean skincare, body-care and soap at home with ease. With Christina as your guide, use your basic kitchen skills to make items like facial serum, toner, lip balm, deodorant and Castile soap with efficient ease like a pro.

"The goal of this book is to rocket you to the top of the learning curve I scaled over ten years formulating 25,000+ clean personal care items for Hollow Daze Surf Designs." -Christina Deneka, founder of Hollow Daze U

In part one, Christina shares her signature skincare and body-care formulations, including the bestselling Shaman Super Stick, Lavender Lip Balm, Lighthouse Lemongrass Spray and Frankincense Facial Serum.

In part two, learn how to easily make Castile soap at home from scratch and without fear using a dedicated crockpot and stick blender.

In part three, Christina's themed production menus enable readers to create items with maximum efficiency, just like planning and executing a multi-course meal.

Finally, learn how to translate your dreams into reality with your own custom formulations.

So much can be made using your essential oils in less than five hours, including soap Christina removes the guesswork by including information on sourcing ingredients, packaging and labeling to help readers make the shift from consumer to producer. It is extremely empowering when applied to making your own clean personal care items, and you will never read an ingredient label the same way again.

"The tools and insights Christina shares has helped me gain the confidence I need to actively take control over what goes into mine and my family's skin care products. I truly could not believe how easy and straightforward it was. Christina's expertise makes this healthy way of life sustainable " -Bonnie Tolson, Hollow Daze U student

"Thank you for teaching us this method of soap making. I can't believe how much better it worked than the method I learned twenty years ago." -Nancy Rowan, Hollow Daze U student

"After a class with Christina, I feel so empowered to provide healthy skincare products for myself and my family. Things that were a mystery to me before now feel very accessible and manageable, even with a busy lifestyle." -Nikki Sacks, Hollow Daze U student

"We spent a morning Zooming with Christina, learning how to make our favorite Hollow Daze product, the Shaman Super stick. Making that recipe, and several others, was so much easier than we thought. We found a gem with this resource and can't wait to keep making homemade skincare." -Lyann, Kenna and Sierra Abrams, Hollow Daze U students

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ISBN: 9781736569191
ISBN-10: 1736569198
Publisher: Flying Sun Press
Publication Date: April 11th, 2021
Pages: 226
Language: English